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Solasta Riverside Buchanan Wharf



Cooper Cromer Architect


Drum Properties

Main Contractor:

Graham Construction Ltd

Elements / Systems:

SFS: BW Industries Light SFS (180mm) & Knauf Windliner Board
Cladding: NBK Terrart Large Bespoke Terracotta Tiles & Euroclad Rainspan Composite Panels
Doors (Steel): Robust OUTA-DOR Doors
Other Element Supplied: Aluminium Cappings, Soffits & Plenum Panels

Solasta Riverside Buchanan Wharf cladding

The Project

Engaged by Graham Construction to develop a bespoke terracotta tile design with multiple shapes and complex corner detailing.

Located on the up-and-coming north bank of the Clyde in Glasgow the 20+ storey development cannot be missed from the riverside and it’s use of colour will certainly not let it blend into the background.

The project consists of over 25,000 terracotta tiles supported off a bespoke frame and grid system specifically designed to accommodate the excessive wind loads experienced in this area.

The design process threw up several challenges not least co-ordinating the changes in tile dies and corner detailing leading to multiple tile shapes and a complex set out on site to ensure these all worked correctly.

The building was completed mid 2022 and has since gone on to win several national industry awards including the ‘Build to Rent Development of the Year’ at the Scottish Property Awards 2023.

Solasta Riverside Buchanan Wharf glazing entrance
Solasta Riverside Buchanan Wharf facade
Solasta Riverside Buchanan Wharf cladding glazing
Solasta Riverside Buchanan Wharf window detail
Solasta Riverside Buchanan Wharf cladding facade
Solasta Riverside Buchanan Wharf cladding and glazing

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